Services of the Drinking Water and Wastewater Company in Sharkia

The Drinking Water and Wastewater Company in Sharkia seeks to meet the needs of citizens

Chairman’s Message

Oriental Drinking Water and Sewage Company aims to gain the trust of its customers by using modern technology to reach the highest levels of performance globally. With the help of God and with the care of daily follow-up and cooperation of the sectors of the Company, the indicators are indicative of the trend in the right path towards achieving the success of the system. The Company has prepared its cadres for the operation and maintenance of drinking water and sanitation plants in the pursuit of more new plants and increase its capabilities. It also aims to reduce loss using the latest technologies of maintenance, replacement, renovation and rationalization of water.
Therefore, the company always has in mind the need to earn the trust of its customers and ensure that the services it provides to them are upgraded and always go for the best and feel the greatness and importance of its responsibility to maintain this trust.
Accordingly, the Company is committed to:
- Disseminating the principle of continuous improvement and development throughout the company and not stopping at the level of quality achieved. Always striving to provide a favourable climate for workers and increase their ability to excel and creativity and assume responsibilities by enhancing the spirit of competition and initiative and ensuring the continuous training of the company to achieve this and disseminating quality policy to all employees of the company.
- Establishing and implementing quality objectives for the different sectors of the company and periodically reviewing them with the global quality policy.

Chairman Eng\ Amer kamal Abo Halawa

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