Drinking Water and Sanitation Services

Available services:
Connecting drinking water service for the first time (domestic _ non-domestic)
Connecting the sewage service for the first time (domestic _ non-domestic)
Connecting a battery meter service (domestic _ non-domestic)

Required Documents:
- Customer completes the service request form
- A copy of the national ID card * Customer's phone number
- A copy of the contract (ownership or lease) notarized for a real estate month
- A water receipt or a copy of a prepaid card from the nearest neighbor (for the first time)
- A water receipt or a copy of a card from the property in the event of a contract for a (battery meter)
- A photocopy of the entire property + a photocopy of the battery
- Clearance certificate required for real estate taxes (except for villages)
- Approval of the competent administrative authority for delivery (postal)
- A copy of the engineering drawings approved by the administrative authorities
- A tax card and a recent commercial register, if possible, for a meter (non-domestic).
- Original documents for viewing
- Any other document that the Company considers necessary for the validity and safety of the delivery process

Required forms:
- Construction Water Connection Service Request Form (SHWS-CUSTF-16-25)
- First Time Water Delivery Service Request Form (SHWS-CUSTF-16-01)
- First Time Exchange Delivery Service Request Form (SHWS-CUSTF-16-01)
- Battery Meter Service Request Form (SHWS-CUSTF-16-03)
- Meter Installation Order Form (SHWS-CUSTF-16-18)

Documentary procedures and cycle:
- Reviewing documents, reviewing the original documents, preparing the file, extracting the request for payment of the inspection and the client's departure
- Extracting the technical inspection job order to perform the inspection on the ground, identifying supplies and tasks, preparing the necessary permits and sending them to customer service
Preparing the estimated assessment and notifying the customer of it by telephone for payment
- Paying the assessment, issuing the meter installation order, and sending it to the technician to go to the warehouses to disburse the supplies to carry out the installation
Going to the customer for the installation and signing the receipt of the meter with the installation order form, sending a copy to customer service, and preparing the final assessment in case of substantial changes.
- Communicate with the client to pay the final assessment, archive the file, save and complete the service