Link Modification Service

Available services:
Water connection adjustment
Exchange link adjustment
Modification of the link with the installation of a counter
Modifying and adding one or more units to an existing (home) subscription

Required Documents:
- Customer completes the service request form
- A copy of the national ID card
- Customer phone number
- A copy of the contract (ownership or lease) notarized for a real estate month
- The last water receipt and the last meter reading or a copy of the unit's shipping card
- Approval of the administrative authority on connection and engineering drawings (adding one or more units)
- Required permits
- Original documents for viewing
- Any other document that the company considers necessary and necessary for the validity and safety of the service implementation process

Required forms:
- Service Request for Modifying a Connection (Water - Wastewater) (SHWS-CUSTF-16-05)
- Replacement Service Request Form (Damaged - Expired) (SHWS-CUSTF-16-12)
- Service request form to add one or more units (SHWS-CUSTF-16-06)
- Meter Installation Order Form (SHWS-CUSTF-16-18)

Documentary procedures and cycle:
- Reviewing documents, reviewing the original documents, preparing the file, extracting the request for payment of the inspection, payment of the indebtedness, and the client's departure
- Extracting the technical inspection work order to perform the inspection on the ground, bring the last reading on the ground, and specify the requirements and tasks, the permits required for modification, and raising the meter in case of examination for the technical workshop (valid - damaged)
- Make the necessary adjustments according to the examination or installation report if it is intact after examination or change in case of damage
- Sending reports to customer service to prepare the estimate for the adjustment and to change and install the meter, if necessary, and notify the customer to pay
- The customer pays for the assessment, issues an execution work order, and sends it to the technician to disburse the supplies and the meter from the warehouses for installation
- Go to the customer to carry out the modification and installation, sign the receipt of the meter with the installation order form, send a copy to customer service, and prepare the final assessment in the event of substantial changes or technical assessment differences
- Communicate with the client to pay the final assessment, archive the file, save and complete the service