Pre-Paid Services

Available services:
Prepaid card charging
Issuance of a damaged or lost recharge card

Required Documents:
- Recharge card (if you want to recharge the card)
- The customer has completed a request form for a replacement card (damaged or lost)
- A copy of the national ID card
- Customer phone number
- A copy of the meter or a copy of the advance shipment payment receipt
- Title or usufruct deed with a written acknowledgment of the loss of the card
- Any other document that the Company considers necessary and necessary for the validity and safety of the service implementation process

Required forms:
- Service request form for issuing a damaged or lost recharge card (SHWS-CUSTF-16-34)

Documentary procedures and cycle:
- Activate the recharge card in the counter by placing the card in the counter and pressing the red button and heading to one of the outlets or customer service centers or through Fawry with the recharge card (if you want to recharge the card) and pay the required value
- The customer completes the service application form, reviews the account data, pays the prescribed fees, and extracts new card and completion of service