Customer Accounts Services


Available services:
contract termination
Client account liquidation
Make a payment on account
Scheduling indebtedness in monthly installments

Required Documents:
- Customer completes the service request form
- A copy of the national ID card
- Customer phone number
- The last water receipt and the last meter reading or a copy of the unit's shipping card
- Any other document that the company considers necessary and necessary for the validity and safety of the service implementation process

Required forms:
- Contract Termination Service Request Form (SHWS-CUSTF-16-00)
- Account Liquidation Service Request Form (SHWS-CUSTF-16-28)
- Payment Under Account Service Request Form (SHWS-CUSTF-16-29)
- Debt scheduling service request form in monthly installments (SHWS-CUSTF-16-30)

Documentary procedures and cycle:
- The customer completes the service request form according to the type of service, as well as (request to raise the meter in the event of termination of the contract)
- In the event of termination of the contract, the prescribed fees and all dues on the meter, if any, are paid, and the technician is notified to raise the meter and deposit it in the warehouses, close the subscription and stop issuing invoices
- In the event of liquidation of the account or an advance payment under the account or scheduling the indebtedness of the last reading on the meter, payment of the last invoice, payment of all debts, and the liquidation of the last reading, if any, or an advance payment and installments in the event that the customer wishes to schedule after paying the advance payment, loaded with the consideration for installments according to the regulation electronically, and receiving receipts for what has been paid.